These five things will keep you busy on a Friday evening without blowing a ton of cash.

There’s nothing worse than a Friday night with nothing to do, bored out of your skull and no money to speak of. To save the day, and your sanity, these five things will keep you busy without blowing a ton of cash.

1. Go dumpster diving. Discover, refurbish, sell or treasure.

2. Catch a game. Less popular sporting events, like soccer, wrestling, and gymnastics, usually have cheap or free admission. Don’t forget minor league baseball and indoor football.

3. Take a class. Look for dance classes at clubs and schools, swimming classes at the community pool, or art classes at an art or community center.

4. Enjoy the arts. See a community play rather than a movie.

7. Start a nerf war. The basic toys are inexpensive and no one gets hurt.

5. Bake cookies. Any homeless shelter would be happy for the treats, and you know your class, workplace, or even your own mouth and a glass of milk would make them disappear in a hurry.