Avoid extra expenses and stretch your travel dollars by saving with these products and services:

Credit Cards

  • Did you know card networks like VISA charge a fee on transactions made abroad? And that many banks charge an additional percentage on top of that? Use a credit card that helps you avoid these foreign transaction fees (ISA fees). All three SDFCU credit cards come without them. Plus, you can earn rewards by using our cards anywhere, so it’s a win-win.

Debit Cards

  • ATMs are an easy way to get cash abroad but they can hit you with fees. You may also incur foreign transaction fees (ISA fees) when you use a VISA debit card for purchases. That’s no problem when you have an SDFCU Advantage or Privilege Checking account. You can get ATM and foreign transaction fees reimbursed, up to a certain limit each month.* Visit sdfcu.org/Checking to learn more.

Low-Cost Currency Exchange Service

  • Take advantage of our foreign currency exchange service, EZForex, which offers you low fees and the best currency exchange rates. You can buy or sell foreign currency and pick it up at a branch or get it delivered directly to your home. This can help you avoid high exchange fees at airports or hotels. Learn more at sdfcu.org/travel-center.

Easy-to-Use Wire Transfer Service

  • Need to wire money to your account while you’re abroad? We have a competitively low international wire transfer fee and we make it easy – just sign in to Online Banking to get started.

By Karina Valverde, © Copyright 2018, SDFCU.org

* Receive a fee reimbursement of up to $15 per month with Advantage Checking and up to $25 per month with Privilege Checking. Certain criteria apply. Learn more at sdfcu.org/checking.