Forget about having to visit a branch office, stand in a teller line, or visit the nearest SDFCU ATM to deposit your next paycheck. Using our direct deposit service gives you the convenience of setting up recurring deposits electronically to your SDFCU account.

Advantages of using direct deposit

  • Have your paycheck deposited automatically without making a trip to the branch office.
  • Gain same-day access to your deposit, even when you’re out of town, or traveling.
  • Transfer your deposit across multiple SDFCU accounts.
  • Set up Alerts to know when your paycheck has been deposited.

Setting up your direct deposit

  • Please visit your payroll office and provide them with our ABA routing number 2560-7534-2 and your account number.
  • A check can be a helpful tool in setting up your automatic payments into the correct account. Use the Magnetic Ink Character Recognition (MICR) number located at the bottom of your check after the routing number.
  • Don’t have a check or remember your account number? No problem, call us at 703.706.5000 or 800.296.8882 and we will be happy to provide you with your account number.


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