Giving you a new option for paying your loans and credit cards online.

Paying your State Department Federal Credit Union (SDFCU) loans or credit cards has just gotten easier with Loan Payments. This new secure Online Banking feature gives you the flexibility to make your loan and credit card payments from your accounts at other financial institutions (checking or savings).This is a great, quick and easy alternative for making your payments.

To get started:

1.) Sign into Online Banking

2.) Click on the “Move Money” tab

3.) Select “Loan Payment” from the “Move Money” dropdown

Clicking Login Box

4.) Select “Get Started”

Get Started Portal


5.) Add your external bank account information.

6.) Select the loan you would like to pay and enter the payment amount. At this point, you may select a future date our you can select to make a recurring payment by selecting the repeat option. Here you will be able to choose to have the payment recur monthly, every two weeks or weekly.  Then select continue or you may cancel at this point.



7.) Do not forget to click on the “Terms and Conditions” link or you will be unable to proceed.

8.) Now you will be able to review, edit or cancel your payment before submitting and select whether you would like to receive an email when your payment has been sent. If all the information is correct select “Make Payment” to proceed.



9.) Your confirmation will display allowing you to print or close the screen.


When making your payment, please be aware of the following:

  • Ensure by your scheduled loan payment date, sufficient funds are in the account at the financial institution your payment is coming from to make the payment as scheduled. In the event that funds are not available in your account at the financial institution your payment is coming from and the entry is returned, we will impose a return fee and it is your responsibility to re-initiate the transaction or make a payment by other means;
  • If the payment is scheduled to occur on a weekend or a holiday, your transaction will occur on the next business day;
  • Payments may take up to three (3) business days to process, but will be credited to your account on the business day that the payment was made;
  • Any payments made after 5:00PM ET will be processed and credited to your account on the next business day;
  • We are relying on the information that you entered above and if the information is incorrect, the debit may be returned, which could result in your payment being late;
  • You understand that this (ACH)Automated Clearing House transaction must comply with all applicable laws;
  • Your authorization will remain in effect unless/or until you notify us that you have revoked the transaction (notice must be given by canceling or changing the transaction through the SDFCU online loan payment service in your Online Banking portal or by notifying the financial institution you are paying your loan from not to honor the SDFCU debit); and
  • If any payment is rejected or is reversed for any reason, that payment will be reversed on your loan and you will be responsible for making payment to us separately.

If your have any questions, call us at 800.296.882 or email us at